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01. The project

Thursday 27th April 2006
Novara 2006
by European-mosaic

Wednesday 25th August 2004
Transportation and Traditional food
by European-mosaic

Wednesday 12th May 2004
Adalbert-Stifter-Gymnasium vertritt Deutschland beim Projekt
by European-mosaic

Tuesday 6th April 2004
Schüler beschäftigen sich mit Europa
by European-mosaic

Wednesday 19th November 2003
European-mosaic at our school
by Providence

Monday 17th November 2003
Presentation of the project
by European-mosaic

Thursday 13th November 2003
Year Planner for 2003-2004
by European-mosaic

Wednesday 7th April
Our exhibition was a great success
"Our exhibition was a great success" said Robert Vella from Ninu Cremona Lyceum Complex.
"It ended on Thursday with the filming for a local students’show on a local tv station."