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Shankar’s international children’s competition 2004
Thursday 20th November 2003

The Shankar’s International Children’s Competition (SICC) was begun in 1949. In the first competition, about a thousand children sent 3,000 entries. Shankar was so impressed with what they had drawn and written that he made the competion an annual feature. The number of entries has grown over the last three decades and more, touching an average of about 1,60,000 from 130 countries.

The best of the entries are chosen by an international jury. The selected paintings are put up for public viewing for three weeks. This exhibition has come to be known as Shankar’s International Children’s Art Exhibition. The prize-winning entries of the SICC are also published in a deluxe multi-colour publication called ‘Shankar’s Children’s Art Number’.


1. The competition is open to children all over the world. They should have been born on or after January 1, 1988.

2. There is no entry fee.

3. Competitors are free to choose the theme/subject they are interested in, or like most, for their paintings / drawings / writings.

4. Each entry should be certified by the parent / guardian / teacher as the original, unaided work of the competitor done during 2003. Entries should be an individual effort and NOT a combined work.

5. Every entry should carry the following information in English and in Block Letters, at the back of the painting / drawing or at the end of the written work:

* Name

* Surname

* Boy or Girl

* Date of birth

* Nationality

* Full postal address

* Subject / title of the entry

6. No entry will be returned. The copyright of all entries will rest with Shankar’s International Children’s Competition.

7. All packets should be pre-paid/adequately stamped and mailed directly to reach:

Shankar’s International Children ’s Competition

Nehru House

4 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

New Delhi - 110002

8. Entries sent by air cargo will not be accepted.

9. The last date for receipt of Indian entries is October 31 J 2003 and of Foreign entries is December 31, 2003.


10. The drawings can be in any medium.

11. The size of each entry should not be less than 30 x 40 cm.

12. A competitor may submit any number of entries. They should not be mounted / framed.


13. Only entries in ENGLISH will be considered. Translations from other languages do not qualify for the competition.

14. Entries may be in the form of poems, plays, short stories, essays, descriptive writing, and the like.

15. A competitor may submit any number of entries. They should be in a neat handwriting or typed.


16. The entries will be judged by the organizers with the help of a jury. The judge’s decision will be final.

17. The following prizes are offered:

I. The President of India’s Gold Medal for the best painting / drawing.

II. The Shankar’s Award for the best written work.

III. 24 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Gold Medals for the next best paintings / drawings / written work.

IV. About 400 Silver Medals and 400 prizes.

V. Certificates of Merit to deserving entries.

18. Results will be announced in July 2004. Prize winners will be informed individually by post.

19. The best entries will be published in Shankar’s Children’s Art Number, Volume 55. Selected entries will also appear in the monthly magazine for children, Children’s World.

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