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Year Planner for 2003-2004
Thursday 13th November 2003, by European-mosaic

The following is a resume of the decisions taken on our meeting at Lugo:

· By Mid-November 2003 Students who are going to be part of the project are to be divided into 7 groups (since there are 8 schools participating in the project) and with their permission their e-mails are sent to the various schools so that they would be distributed to the students

· By End of November 2003 Teachers check that communication between students has begun, and suggest to their students that in their first e-mails they write:
-   about themselves
-   from where they come
-   their school

· In November 2003 Students are asked to begin working on photos of Houses (Homes) in their towns, from which the best 5 photos (students with help of teachers choose best photos) are sent on CD to all school in jpg format, so that then they could be printed either in A3 or A4 format.

· Mid-January 2004 By this date the 5 photos together with a school photo are sent on a CD to all the schools.

· Spring Day (21st March 2004) All photos are exhibited at the various schools.

· January 2004 The subject ‘Monuments’ is introduced to the students. Here students are asked to go around in their towns, villages or cities and pin-point those Monuments which are important to them. Monuments could be anything from historical places, youth centers, pubs, shopping malls, clubs, etc… the places where they meet, places they like, … Students are left free to show these places, it could be a presentation, documentation, art, movie, etc. – they should use their imagination how to introduce the monuments!

· Tuesday 4th May till Sunday 9th May 2004 Meeting at Germany. 4 students from each school are chosen to present the output of the ‘Monuments’ project to the various schools in Germany. The 8 projects are grouped to form 1 project.

Decision of date of next meeting in Poland. Introduction of Project for 2nd Year.

· Saturday 8th May 2004 Tour in Germany for students & teachers.

· Sunday 9th May 2004 Return of students & teachers to their countries.

· October 2004 Meeting at Poland – introduction of the 2nd year of the project.


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