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European-Mosaic Communication Center
Monday 17th November 2003, by European-mosaic

European-Mosaic offers the possibility to the professors and to the pupils to use various tools of communication.

There is at first the list of discussion European-mosaic, her allows the professors to discuss the evolution of the project. The working language is English.

There is also a "European-Mosaic Forum" where each can come to propose subjects of discussions in English but also in his own language. The users can be simply guests and take part in the discussion but they can also register to be able to use the private mail system. The procedure of recording lasts some minutes. On the European-mosaic forum, pupils and professors can discuss and propose subjects of their choice. Every pupil or professor can propose new forums and new categories. The registered users can moderate the forums.

A "European-Mosaic IRC channel" is also available permanently for the collective discussions. We can use it from the Internet interface but also with a software IRC.

Finally, every pupil, every professor can publish and edit the site of the project. It sets 30 seconds for registers as a new writer and immediately after, you can write articles, news, but also create your personal home page automatically and in some minutes.


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