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A beautiful collaboratif working example
Wednesday 12th November 2003, by European-mosaic

Which is the common point between Alix of Belgium, Slávka of Hungary, Angelina of Portugal, Luciana of Italy, Martine of Germany, Antonio of Spain,.. ?

They are professors of all Europe and they realized without any budget and with a lot of enthusiasm a multilingual site dedicated to games of basic learning the human anatomy.

They have different objectives for this project. Offer to pupils, parents and teachers an attractive but seriously different way of learning complementary with a classical classroom activity. An other objectif is to constitue a network of “interactive and enthusiastic” teachers and parents who want to contribuate to developing new learning tools together. 

As you can see on their site, the challenge is “learning together without borders !” And they prove that they make it !

The site is available in 10 languages.


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