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European-mosaic at our school
Wednesday 19th November 2003, by Providence

Here is in some words how we work on the European-mosaic project this year in our school "Institut de la Providence - Brussels "

During this first year the pupils of the school are invited to express themselves on the way they look at their environment. If the photographic tool is favoured, it is necessary to remember that it is not an end in itself and that other tools can be used: video laboratory, written expression, do-it-yourself, drawing, music, data processing, etc.

For the photographic tool, the professors will watch to awake on one hand the "artistic" glance of each pupil ( with all the subjectivity implied), but also to inculcate to the pupils a minimum of knowledge about photography (basic techniques, styles, history, etc.)

Common courses including several classes concerned by the project can also be organized.

We shall also watch to use the resources existing in the school: the video studio, the radio studio, the computer material.

Concerning the photographic material, numeric devices will be available for class activities. This material will also be available for individual pupils.

Finally we should not forget that, taking in account the European dimension of this project, the professors will watch that the basics of European culture are mastered by the pupils: it is essential to plan at least one course on this subject. Inescapable topics are : the European construction, figures about the population, the member countries, the localization, etc. …

A visit of the European Parliament of Strasbourg is scheduled during the second quarter of the school year to meet young people from all Europe.

In parallel to the project, other activities will be realized, in particular games on Europe. With one based on classical material (do-it-yourself for example) but especially numeric games which will allow a very wide distribution of the project.


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